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Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

The Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy is one policy that gives the best of both worlds. It gives importance to the damage of the car due to accident and along with that, it also gives the cover for personal accident. It goes without saying that this policy also gives the third party liability to the benefactors in which the benefactors are bound to pay for the damages caused to the third party because of the driver at fault being the benefactor.

The benefits that are given by the policy include:-

There is a system of getting upto 5% of discount on the Own Damage Premium that is given to the members of the Automobile Association of India. The maximum of it ranges at Rs.200. There is also a system of getting a discount of Rs.100 in the Third Party Basic premium on the reduction in the limits of liability with respect to the third party property damage.
The benefactors of the policy can opt for a voluntary deductible of Rs.15,000 along with getting a 35% discount on the Own Damage Premium which is limited to the maximum of Rs.2,500. The policy gives a facility of No claim bonus transfer from other insurance companies on the renewal with this policy online.

The policy can also be bought online from:-

The best part about all the features and benefits given by the policy is that they are long lasting. If you are eager enough to buy the policy, then click on the link given below. The link would bring you to a form that you would have to fill up to get the policy at your doorstep. You can also opt for the call back option that is given by the website.

It allows the customers and to be customers to chat with the officials of the company so that they can answer all the queries that are there in the minds. Once they are solved, you can click on the link below to buy the Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy. But keep in mind only one thing that if once you have entered a wrong attribute and it has been submitted, then the policy can be liable to be cancelled.

Some of the key features of the policy include:-

As the key feature of the policy, the Royal Sundaram Car insurance policy gives a protection from the loss of car or the damage to the car. It also gives a special facility of unlimited liability for any kind of injury or death to the third party that is caused when the benefactor is the at fault driver. The third party is allowed to ask for claims and the benefactor has to pay the claim.

The policy is also allowed to pay for indemnity for the third party property damage that is done if the benefactor is the at fault driver of the scenario. The limit of this third party property damage indemnity stands at Rs.7.5 lac. Along with all this, the Royal Sundaram Car insurance policy also gives a personal accident cover for the benefactor, the paid driver and the occupants in the car in case of any accident or injury or damage to the car.

The policy covers the following:-

You can buy the policy with the help of credit cards and debit cards online. Net banking is also something that is available if you want to buy the policy. You can also opt for a call back facility which will give the agents of the company call you and give you all the details you need about the policy and much more. You can also buy the policy online and get the quotes about the policy from the link below. The only thing you need to take care is that there should not be any mistakes while filling up the form, if there is any then the form might get cancelled.