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Royal Sundaram Family Good Health

The Royal Sundaram Family Good Health insurance policy is one policy that covers the whole family along with the benefactor himself. It is also seen that this policy is one of the most affordable policies of today’s time. The best part of the policy is that there are not much exclusions to the policy and the sub limits of the policy are too less too. The only exclusion to the policy is that the pre existing conditions are covered after waiting for 48 months of continuous policy renewal.

The benefits given by the policy include:-

As key benefits given to the policy, there is both cashless and reimbursement facilities for the benefactors of the policy. The cashless treatment is allowed if the treatment is to be availed in a network hospital, whereas, the reimbursement facility is allowed if the treatment is done in a non network hospital. There is a system of coverage of the inpatient hospitalization given to the benefactors

Along with this, the room rent is covered by the policy at a rate of 2% of the sum insured on a per day basis. The ICU Charges are covered at a rate of 4% of the sum insured on a per day basis. There are different kinds of day care procedures that are taken care of in the policy. There is a daily cash allowance of Rs.500 given to the benefactor for every 24 hour that is completed in the hospital. This ranges to maximum of 20 days in the policy term for a maximum limit of 60 days for all dependent family members.

You can buy the policy from:-

Now that you have read the features of the policy, then why wait? You can get the quotes of the policy by clicking on the link given below. The policy can be bought online with the help of credit cards or debit cards. Net banking is also something that is available with the site. You just have to click on the link below. For now, all you need to do is click on the link given below to know about the quotes of the policy and to buy the policy online.

The key features of the policy include:-

As far as the key features are concerned, there is a convalescence benefit given to the benefactor is the hospitalization of the benefactor exceeds the 21 day limit that is set. This benefit gives a lump sum of upto Rs.10,000 as a minimum and Rs.20,000 as a maximum for all the insured people of the family. The policy also covers the emergency ambulance services upto a maximum of Rs.1000 per claim period. The health check up of the benefactor is also covered by the policy. This ranges upto Rs.750 per insured person after every 4 consecutive claim free years.

The eligibility criteria for the policy are:-

  • The entry age- 18 years in the minimum and 65 years in the maximum. Whereas; the limit is set at 91 days for children in the minimum and 21 years in the maximum.
  • The maximum age for policy renewal- 70 years.
  • The grace period that is given for policy renewal- 15 days per policy period.
  • The Term of policy- A maximum of 2 years and a minimum of 1 year.
  • The Sum that is to be insured- a maximum of 5 lac and a minimum of 2 lac.
  • There is also a no claim bonus given to the benefactors which ensures that the sum insured is to be increased by a 5% hike for each claim free year. This feature has a limit upto a maximum of 50%.

The estimated annual premium rates are:-

When the sum insured is 2 lac

Age (in years)









91 days to 35 years 2489 3385 3870 4306 4740 2973 3408 3843
35 years to 45 years 2973 4043 4539 5005 5473 3467 3935 4401
46 years to 50 years 4328 6925 7977 9008 10040 5380 6411 7444
51 years to 55 years 4328 6925 7977 9008 10040 5380 6411 7444
56 years to 60 years 5597 8952 10247 11542 12836 6892 8185 9481
61 years to 65 years 7313 11701 12998 14291 15586 8608 9903 11197
66 years to 70 years 7313 11701 12998 14291 15586 8608 9903 11197

If the features and benefits given by the Royal Sundaram Family Good health policy entice you enough to buy the policy, then what are you waiting for? Click on the link given below and then buy the policy. Buying the policy is very easy, for buying it all you go to have is a credit card or a debit card. Net banking is also something that is available with the site. The link below would take you to a form which you will have to fill up with the details that they ask for. After that, in just a few days, you will get the policy at your doorstep. You can click on the link below to buy the policy.